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Wireless Clock Systems
Improve the Flow of Your Game

Since on-field time is controlled by an on-field Official wearing a wireless control, you no longer have to rely on a press box controller and it’s associated wiring. READY REF Wireless Clock Systems not only improve function of the 25-second play clock, but also include a 60-second high school time out clock, or 40-second collegiate play clock. Together, these functions greatly improve the flow of football games played in your stadium or field of play.


“Our game officials say they wish every school had clocks like ours”

“Game officials love having control…instead of a volunteer from the pressbox
…excellent investment”


Individual wireless controls accommodate both high school and college rules on the same field. Your high school officiating crew will use the Model 1320 Wireless Control on Friday night and your collegiate crew the Model 1330 Wireless Control on Saturday afternoon. The READY REF clock system recognizes which wireless control is being used and applies the appropriate timing. When purchasing this system you can select two high school, two college or one of each control.


Optional Mobile Stand and Fixed Post Mounting accessories are available to meet your individual stadium needs. Both Model 1230/1260 Mobile Stands are robust mounting platforms with ten-inch pneumatic tires. They elevate your play clocks to recommended ten-foot height and fold for convenient storage. Model 1260 features rechargeable, 12hr run time battery power when standard 115 volt supplies are not available. Our Model 1250 Mounting Posts provide a durable fixed platform. Both options are fabricated in our factory using high-quality welded construction and are powder-coated for years of reliable service.


High School

Additional Accessories are available to assist with the individual needs of your stadium or facility. Additional Wireless Controls and Clock Displays can augment your Wireless Clock System.