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  • For more then thirty years,
    READY REF has set the standard
    for on-field timing. Our timing products
    have been proven to improve game
    management where it counts...

    on the field of play!

    Join the thousands of satisfied Officials,
    our customers, and become part of the
    READY REF team today!

  • On the Field of Play

    The READY REF Clock System takes
    to the field by giving the on-field Official
    control over the game clock via an easy
    to use wireless control.

    With READY REF, officials no longer have to
    rely on a press box operator and the inherent
    hard wire management.

    To learn more about our clock systems and
    available options to consider when ordering
    click on Clock Systems below.

  • Specific to Your Sport
    and Timing Mechanic

    Wherever you officiate READY REF has a product to simplify your on-field timing responsibilities.

    Easy to use control, consists of a two position rocker switch, each position controlling a specific interval for your sport. A super bright LED indicates time is counting. An easy to access reset button terminates the current timing cycle. Audible and vibration cues have been designed into certain timers when that timing rule has an associated mechanic you are required to execute. Click on Personal Timers to
    view our line and to purchase your timer...