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NFHS Rule Change

Federation Football Rule Change 2019 

The NFHS has approved the Ready for Play Timing Rule Change. Here’s how to update your Ready-Ref Timers and Clocks.

Personal Timers

If your serial number is 1100001 or higher (purchased since October 2011), we will convert the timing for $10, plus $8 for return shipping.

If your serial number is lower than 1100001 (purchased before October 2011), we will replace the circuit board for $50, plus $8 for return shipping.

Please send us the Personal Timer with your payment and a note detailing what you want changed. We will make the conversion and send it back to you within one business day. We recommend USPS Priority Mail.

Our shipping address:
PO Box 2143
Marietta, OH 45750

Field Clocks

If your transmitter has Serial Number 1320xxx, we are able to convert your field clock system to the new 25-40 second rule. This conversion will cost $10 for each transmitter, plus $8 for return shipping.

To make this change, please send us the following:

  • The transmitters
  • The circuit board (located near the top in the back of your field clock)
  • The antenna (attached to circuit board)
  • Note detailing what you want changed
  • Your payment ($28)

NOTE: Before removing the circuit board, please take a photo of the board for your own reference.


If your transmitter has Serial Number 1220xxx or is some other model, please call us to discuss your conversion options at (800) 223-5395.