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Clock Systems

Clock Systems are available direct from our factory. To purchase: First select your facilities timing option. Consider your mounting options and possible accessories. Enter the quantity to purchase, your shipping address and submit your order. We will promptly reply to your submitted Purchase Request with a Freight Quote or you may call us direct 800 223 5395, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm EST, M-F.

Display Features (each) Specification
Dimensions 42″ W x 36″ H x 8″ D
Weight 40 lbs.
Digits 30″, 7-segment LED
Color Black with Red LEDs
Grounded Electrical Supply 115 Volt, 60Hz, 60 watt

Timing Options
NHFS Play Clock System
(2) 25 & 60 sec. Wireless Controls
(2) 30″ LED displays

Model 1200 – 120VAC.

$5,500.00Add to cart

Model 1260 – Battery.

$6,500.00Add to cart

NCAA Play Clock System
(2) 25 & 40 sec. Wireless Controls
(2) 30″ LED displays

Model 1201 – 120VAC.

$5,500.00Add to cart

Model 1261 – Battery.

$6,500.00Add to cart

Lacrosse Shot Clock System
30 second Wireless controls
(2) 30″ LED displays

Model 1202 – 120VAC.

$5,500.00Add to cart

Model 1262 – Battery.

$6,500.00Add to cart


Mounting Options
Mounting Post
10 Ft. Mounting Height

Model 1250.

$750.00Add to cart

Mobile Stand
10 Ft. Mounting Height Folds to 7 Ft.

Model 1230.

$2,975.00Add to cart


NHFS Wireless Control

Model 1320.

$295.00Add to cart

NCAA Wireless Control

Model 1330.

$295.00Add to cart

Lacrosse Wireless Control

Model 1335.

$295.00Add to cart

Field Clock Display

Model 1210.

$2,400.00Add to cart