Federation Football Rule Change 2019

The NFHS has approved the Ready for Play Timing Rule Change. Here’s how to update your Ready-Ref Play Clocks.

Field Clocks

If your transmitter has Serial Number 1320xxx, we are able to convert your field clock system to the new 25-40 second rule. This conversion will cost $20 for each transmitter, plus $15 for return shipping.

To make this change, please send us the following:

  • The transmitters
  • The circuit board (located near the top in the back of your field clock)
  • The antenna (attached to circuit board)
  • Note detailing what you want changed
  • Your payment ($55)

NOTE: Before removing the circuit board, please take a photo of the board for your own reference.

Our shipping address:
PO Box 2143
Marietta, OH 45750

If your transmitter has Serial Number 1220xxx or is some other model, please call us to discuss your conversion options at (800) 223-5395.
Personal Timers

Click here to learn how to convert your Personal Timer to the 2019 Rule Change.